Review: ‘Ki and Ka’ is fine in parts



The movie is based on a simple concept – boy meets girl, falls in love and they decide to get married. Unlike every other romantic love story, there is no drama or twists in order for them to get married. But the real problems come post-marriage.

Arjun Kapoor is a house husband and Kareena Kapoor is an ambitious career-orientated working woman. House husbands are a relatively new concept in India, but they are a growing scenario in modern Indian society today.

For most of the run time, it’s an average or not so great movie with a strange concept. What the movie really tries to address is the so called ‘independence’ in a husband-wife relationship and the ability of making choices and having them accepted and supported by your partner.

The movie focuses on the fact that independence is necessary be both the man and the woman. Independence of making choices, independence of finances, independence from the society norms and the freedom to choose one’s own job or profession, the choice of working or not and the choice of living the way one likes.

The movie also addresses the fact that the bread earner of the family invariably forgets and takes the non-earning member for granted. It takes a look at the sense of insecurity and ego damage when one partner succeeds over the other and most importantly it looks at the deteriorating respect for the non-bread earning partner.

One thing I personally liked about the film was how it showed that it doesn’t matter whether you are a man or a woman, in today’s time egos do get crushed when your partner earns more money, fame or status. Men are not the sole owners of the ‘Ego’ any more.

A personal recommendation for all women who believe in career and goals post marriage and for all men to help understand the modern woman’s thought process.

Weirdly enough, I don’t think anyone but Kareena Kapoor could have done justice to the role of a career-oriented progressive woman.

Rating: Worth a one-time watch

Review By: Sandhya Arora


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