Today in Court – Oct 19

"So what were you fighting over?" "My Lord Akoroth, this swine said that bendy straws were better than twisty straws!" "There is nothing better to lift the spirits than a great fight with a good friend over a completely random and arbitrary issue...I suggest pistols at dawn..." "Err, we weren't actually taking things that seriously… Continue reading Today in Court – Oct 19


Oct 15 – Today in Court

“Is there any greater oppression than the one imposed by those with choices upon us who have none?”

100th post – some random stuff

My dreams are like glass towers, polished to a mirror shine. In them I can see myself and the whole world. There is a brief moment between the emptiness after they have collapsed and the brief spark when they were standing. This small sliver of time when I stare into myself looking back at myself.… Continue reading 100th post – some random stuff

Lord Akoroth’s Court: Entry 08:23

"Do you know the relationship between man and fear, Record Keeper?" "You are going to enlighten me no matter what I say..." "Indeed. It's like the melting ice cream..." "There is one I haven't heard before my Lord. Why?" "Well mostly because I have only thought of it now so you couldn't have heard of… Continue reading Lord Akoroth’s Court: Entry 08:23

Lord Akoroth’s Court – Entry 01:33

"Psst..." "Hurghmmmfffmmm..." "Psst...." "Hurr....urr...yes?" "What do you think about dreams?" "Is this is a dream?" "Maybe...could be..." "Dreams are such weird and wonderful things..." "Yes they are...but they are so unfathomable aren't they?" "Yes. You don't know where the truth ends and the fantasy begins in dreams..." "A dangerous event, certainly..." "True. But is it… Continue reading Lord Akoroth’s Court – Entry 01:33