KCR need not steal a Kannada poet for Telangana

Is it still an honour when the honoured did not actually do what he is being honoured for, and the people who are doing the honouring have no idea who he is? Is Rajnikanth going to become the new icon of the Marathi Manoos? Or is Dr Rajkumar now going to be the new Thaliva… Continue reading KCR need not steal a Kannada poet for Telangana


Blame and Shame: Kerala temple tragedy forces introspection

Kerala suffered such a horrific tragedy on Sunday that even the Chinese President was moved to say a few words about the incident in the Leftist state. In a message of condolence to President Pranab Mukherjee, Xi said he was shocked to learn of the tragedy which left many people dead and many others injured… Continue reading Blame and Shame: Kerala temple tragedy forces introspection

Ravish Kumar’s great answer to Arnab’s craziness

On February 10, 2016, when the huge issue of JNU students chanting anti-India slogans and praising Afzal Guru first came to national attention, Times Now's Arnab Goswami chose that as his topic of debate for the 'Newshour'. The entire debate can be seen here. The entire debate is basically one long condemnation of the students… Continue reading Ravish Kumar’s great answer to Arnab’s craziness

When a Historian and a Principal bickered over a dead dhabawalla

It is always amusing to see grown adults with serious and stately titles bicker over the pettiest of things. Clearly education and prestige are not a barrier to snide remarks and tearful harangues. Before we get into the play, let us have a look at the main characters. Ramachandra Guha is considered by some to… Continue reading When a Historian and a Principal bickered over a dead dhabawalla

Five times ‘peaceful’ Bengaluru went wild

There is a great amount of discussion right now about the racist attacks on several African men and women in Hessargatta in Bengaluru. The Tanzanian student was beaten and then stripped by a group of locals in Bengaluru after they assumed she was part of an incident in which a Sudanese man had run over… Continue reading Five times ‘peaceful’ Bengaluru went wild