How are shoes made? (Hint: It’s a lot of work!)

  Do you ever find yourself getting into a rabbit hole and before you know it, it's been seven hours and you have lost all sense of perspective? For me, the latest such journey began when I happened to see a short video on Instagram on someone hammering nails into a shoe mould.    … Continue reading How are shoes made? (Hint: It’s a lot of work!)


The greatest how-to cooking video (Evah!)

How-to videos are a truly the great boon of the golden era we live in. Whether you want to know how to dispose of a body or how to screw in a nut, you will find some expert (or dimwit) showing you how to do it on YouTube. But the time has come to ask… Continue reading The greatest how-to cooking video (Evah!)

Landmarks go blue for UN’s 70th anniversary

The United Nations, in all of its semi-efficient and mostly failed glory, has turned 70 on October 24. Even though results are mixed at very best, it still represents humanities best effort to at least try and get along to some degree. So we can salute to that at least. Here are some pictures of… Continue reading Landmarks go blue for UN’s 70th anniversary

The most epic Apple Store rant, ever!

The thing about Apple is that they have become such a magnet for those who need validation in life, that honestly they no longer need to really consider the feelings of their actual customers. They can do anything they want - and they will still sell 13 million phones on the first day, god bless… Continue reading The most epic Apple Store rant, ever!

Stampedes: Why do they happen and how to survive one

Stampedes are the scariest places to be, because few deaths are more horrific than being slowly crushed to death, choking to death in a sea of bodies. The recent stampede in Mecca has killed some 2000 people so far, with the death toll slowly but steadily rising as more 'missing' are confirmed dead. Reddit user… Continue reading Stampedes: Why do they happen and how to survive one