Surface – Microsoft finally has something cool-ish

This is a slight over-statement, but Microsoft and 'cool' are about as together as Bill gates and contact lenses. Microsoft is traditionally a software company that licenses its software to anyone who makes hardware. That strategy has worked really, really well so far. They have never really designed a PC. Odd as that may sound,… Continue reading Surface – Microsoft finally has something cool-ish


Samsung Galaxy S III – Designed for what? Who? Huh?

Efficient, CHEAP, hardy and containing Samsung's awesome Super AMOLED displays, the Samsung smartphones, running Google's Android, have been the success story of the decade. They have taken on the iPhone and Apple and beaten the smug smirk right off those "geniuses". (or Jobbies as I like to call em) The Samsung S III is the… Continue reading Samsung Galaxy S III – Designed for what? Who? Huh?