Why is Hinduism and PM Modi solely responsible for rapes in India?

  It is always strange to see people with little or no idea about India or Hinduism try to conjure up theories on how India works via their assumptions. Pakistani Shaan Khan kicked off a minor storm through her article in the Daily Beast - 'What's Really Behind India's Rape Crisis' To be clear, there… Continue reading Why is Hinduism and PM Modi solely responsible for rapes in India?


What will it take for the BJP to reform India?

In 2014 the Bharatiya Janata Party gained a complete majority in India‚Äôs Lower House of Parliament, called the Lok Sabha, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi - who promised sweeping developmental reforms. But after 22 months, the reforms remain all talk and no trousers. Within the BJP, there appears a distinct lack of… Continue reading What will it take for the BJP to reform India?

Infographics: #Budget2016 at a glance

Here is a huge bunch of info-graphics released by the Indian Government with regards to the budget. It has everything you want to know from how much money is expected to where it is all being spent. A more detailed study of the budget will show all the various hidden aspects of it. But for… Continue reading Infographics: #Budget2016 at a glance

#Budget2016: Ten responses by the ‘midde-class’

The budget has evoked many reactions, but mostly muted. A pro-farmer, tax heavy budget, with no great advantages for the middle class was never going to prove very popular, especially on Twitter. And as expected there was plenty of sarcasm and name-calling. Excellent budget for the Aadhaar-card holding non-smoker who lost his degree certificate and… Continue reading #Budget2016: Ten responses by the ‘midde-class’

The greatest how-to cooking video (Evah!)

How-to videos are a truly the great boon of the golden era we live in. Whether you want to know how to dispose of a body or how to screw in a nut, you will find some expert (or dimwit) showing you how to do it on YouTube. But the time has come to ask… Continue reading The greatest how-to cooking video (Evah!)