Whose law and what order, Amma?

In her press conference, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Jayalalithaa, made three interesting points. 1) "Protection of law and order is my first priority" The law, for the record, is clearly on the side of freedom of expression. Case after case before various courts, including the Supreme Court, has seen ruling in favour of… Continue reading Whose law and what order, Amma?


The Peaceful Sleep

Our hero stands despondently on the edge of a road, dully watching traffic pass by. It was a hot day and the sun blazed in all of its glory. The air smelled of sewage and dust, exhaust fumes and sweat. The heat and humidity was like a living creature, smothering him even as he stood… Continue reading The Peaceful Sleep

The unbearable truth of me

Lord Akoroth: "...and that is why I had to leave the French Foreign Legion..." Lady Green: "yeah right...why don't you ever tell me something real..." Lord Akoroth: "What do you want to know?" Lady Green: "hmmm...tell me an unbearable truth about you..." Lord Akoroth: Really?... I once asked a policeman, who caught me driving without… Continue reading The unbearable truth of me

A saying of Zor 19:17

"My dear yellow Lady, Ultimately everything is fear. You fear your choice may be wrong, so you prepared to defend it till the end. You fear I will think you are weak. So you stay stubborn. You fear that you might not matter in a free world. So you do everything for only whom you… Continue reading A saying of Zor 19:17

Angry metaphors and seething examples

Anger is not something to be suppressed ALL the time. And that is just the way of the world. Of course scale matters. For example - "Why didn't you reply to my text messages yesterday you middle child of a swineherd" ...is acceptable. However - "How dare you enter this town 342 years after your… Continue reading Angry metaphors and seething examples