Review: ‘Ki and Ka’ is fine in parts

  The movie is based on a simple concept - boy meets girl, falls in love and they decide to get married. Unlike every other romantic love story, there is no drama or twists in order for them to get married. But the real problems come post-marriage. Arjun Kapoor is a house husband and Kareena… Continue reading Review: ‘Ki and Ka’ is fine in parts


‘Airlift’ Review: ‘Good to be Indian’ done right

It is interesting to see how the concept of 'Patriotism' has evolved over the years in cinema. Bollywood films initially played up the whole "Mera Desh" business, but as the decades wore on (and our hatred of the Indian government correspondingly increased) the idea went out of general fashion - being limited to soldiers, spies… Continue reading ‘Airlift’ Review: ‘Good to be Indian’ done right

Sexism and Caricatures: Why can’t Madhur Bhandarkar let women win?

Director Madhur Bhandarkar's filmography is a self-appointed stereotype, made up almost entirely of 'a look behind the curtain' type films across various sections of society. The topics themselves are not bad. But it is the underlying assumptions he seems to have about the female gender, which is the problem. (Since he keeps getting worse with… Continue reading Sexism and Caricatures: Why can’t Madhur Bhandarkar let women win?

Review: Katti Batti doesn’t understand love (or script-writing)

You know, if you are going to try to make a film about how people of this generation are more interested in living their own lives than making space for others in relationships - you should have the balls to make your characters act without excuses. When the dumped lover sobs, "Why are you leaving?",… Continue reading Review: Katti Batti doesn’t understand love (or script-writing)

Review: ‘Drishyam’ is a pale imitation

The plague of Bollywood ruining competent Southern films continues relentlessly this week with 'Drishyam' being added to the list of casualties. Oh when will the horror end? A copy is never as good as the original, simply because any flaws in the original only get magnified with every copy. Since 'Drishyam' is that last (or… Continue reading Review: ‘Drishyam’ is a pale imitation