Treat me as friend…

Image: Friendship | Picasso "Treat me like a friend. And make do exactly what I say...or else" Such a wonderfully odd thing to believe in. Whenever some one just flat out tells me to treat them like a friend and do exactly what they want me to do to avoid 'trouble',  I always feel like… Continue reading Treat me as friend…


Does the world need protection from freedom of speech?

As the protests against the anti-Islam film 'Innocence of Muslims' circled the globe with increasing ludicrousness, one of the more interesting lines of arguments often heard was - “Freedom of speech is fine, but make a law against saying bad things about the prophet because the inciters of hate speech are responsible for the riots.”… Continue reading Does the world need protection from freedom of speech?

Lord Akoroth’s Court: Entry 08:23

"Do you know the relationship between man and fear, Record Keeper?" "You are going to enlighten me no matter what I say..." "Indeed. It's like the melting ice cream..." "There is one I haven't heard before my Lord. Why?" "Well mostly because I have only thought of it now so you couldn't have heard of… Continue reading Lord Akoroth’s Court: Entry 08:23

A saying of Zor 19:17

"My dear yellow Lady, Ultimately everything is fear. You fear your choice may be wrong, so you prepared to defend it till the end. You fear I will think you are weak. So you stay stubborn. You fear that you might not matter in a free world. So you do everything for only whom you… Continue reading A saying of Zor 19:17