Does me being at work hurt you?

Image: Barge Haulers on the Volga | Repin So dull we grow, so low and gray. Passing the moments of our day, With endless talks and nothing to say. A miracle, how we keep suicide at bay. Through dullness all our ideas dim Any pleasure is secret…and a sin. ‘Productivity’ has become our only kin… Continue reading Does me being at work hurt you?


The terrorism of bans

Let me begin by setting the tone for the piece. I am told that there is the distant possibility that the film may actually be offensive to some people.  Keeping that in mind, here is my disclaimer –  Boo – fucking – hoo. Grow up. The world is not here to cuddle you and whatever… Continue reading The terrorism of bans

Does the world need protection from freedom of speech?

As the protests against the anti-Islam film 'Innocence of Muslims' circled the globe with increasing ludicrousness, one of the more interesting lines of arguments often heard was - “Freedom of speech is fine, but make a law against saying bad things about the prophet because the inciters of hate speech are responsible for the riots.”… Continue reading Does the world need protection from freedom of speech?

A saying of Zor 14:12 – Be Free

Close your eyes. Stand still. The Earth pulses with life. It is more alive than you realize. It will still be alive long after your bones have become dust. It will always be, long after whatever havocs we wreath upon it. Your life is only a flicker in time. In time your very existence will… Continue reading A saying of Zor 14:12 – Be Free