The Rational Atheist – Anatomy of a Bribe

If you could reason with religious people, there would be no religious people - House M.D Once a lovely girl told me how she had saved money for two years and then donated an embroidered shawl worth 40,000 rupees to a temple. The girl was no saint, but not a great sinner. She was not… Continue reading The Rational Atheist – Anatomy of a Bribe


Does the world need protection from freedom of speech?

As the protests against the anti-Islam film 'Innocence of Muslims' circled the globe with increasing ludicrousness, one of the more interesting lines of arguments often heard was - “Freedom of speech is fine, but make a law against saying bad things about the prophet because the inciters of hate speech are responsible for the riots.”… Continue reading Does the world need protection from freedom of speech?

A saying of Zor 19:17

"My dear yellow Lady, Ultimately everything is fear. You fear your choice may be wrong, so you prepared to defend it till the end. You fear I will think you are weak. So you stay stubborn. You fear that you might not matter in a free world. So you do everything for only whom you… Continue reading A saying of Zor 19:17

My God and me

I began this quest since I felt that Zor was a discovery that must be shared. To that effect I did what any normal urban dude would do - I set up a blog.  Viva La Revolution! Once the blog was done I was faced with another problem - category. It started simple enough -… Continue reading My God and me