Why the West is unwilling to pressure Pakistan on terrorism – Jaimini Bhagwati

  Doesn't stop columnists from writing long, inane pieces...


What does Shri. Katju think the Press is for?

Press Council head honcho Markandey Katju warned that "freedom of Press" was not "absolute" and it would be "crushed" if journalists were not serving the nation. (You can read up on all of his accusations - here. It has cricket and fashion shows in it.) Let me take up that part of it that made… Continue reading What does Shri. Katju think the Press is for?

Shouting is not reporting, FYI

I watched Salman Khurshid’s begin his epic press conference to counter accusations that his trust had misappropriated Rs 71 Lakh granted to it by the Government for the distribution of aid to disabled people in Uttar Pradesh with a heavy dose of skepticism. Oddly, by the end, I was more skeptical at the journalists than… Continue reading Shouting is not reporting, FYI