Was Misbah Quadri denied a flat for being Muslim?

Misbah Quadri burst into the news yesterday¬†after a story emerged where she alleged that she was not allowed to rent a flat in Sanghvi Heights, Wadala(east), Mumbai because she was a Muslim. To be clear, there are plenty of examples of this kind of discrimination, which is rampant in Mumbai. In fact a simple conversation… Continue reading Was Misbah Quadri denied a flat for being Muslim?


Owaisi brothers make impressive debut in Maharashtra

In its first attempt to expand outside Hyderabad and have pan-India presence, the Muslim political party stunned the rivals by making inroads in the western state.

Whose law and what order, Amma?

In her press conference, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Jayalalithaa, made three interesting points. 1) "Protection of law and order is my first priority" The law, for the record, is clearly on the side of freedom of expression. Case after case before various courts, including the Supreme Court, has seen ruling in favour of… Continue reading Whose law and what order, Amma?

Nandy versus the world: How I hate India (sometimes)

Ashis Nandy, an ancient sociologist (born 1937...sweet lord), made an interesting statement during that grand durbar of pretension known as the Jaipur Literature Festival. He said that the most corrupt in India were from the lower castes. Uproar + media circus + "deeply hurt sentiments" + FIRs followed. ¬† Side note: How deeply were sentiments… Continue reading Nandy versus the world: How I hate India (sometimes)