Meat Bans: India is about adjustment, not bans

As someone on Facebook proudly declared recently - "A democracy is the rule by majority, and if the majority want something then that's the way it goes". True. Except there is another phrase as well - "In a democracy the organized minority is the majority". This is perhaps more true than the first statement, especially… Continue reading Meat Bans: India is about adjustment, not bans


Delhi Polls: Why is PM Modi risking his legacy?

Image: Reality is different from dreams. And it is time for Modi to stop selling dreams and do some work. In that sense, if the Delhi results are the jolt Modi needs to realign his strategy - then in the long run that humiliation may prove to be a boon after all. So what… Continue reading Delhi Polls: Why is PM Modi risking his legacy?

Return to Hindu Growth Rate? RSS asks Modi to ban Flipkart, Amazon

Apparently the Swadeshi Jagran Manch, the economic wing of the RSS, feels such big, big players with their foreign funding are hurting domestic small shops, and in any case should be banned.